Saturday, May 05, 2007

Readers Journal Essays

Since I rashly launched this weblog two years ago today, it seemed like an appropriate moment to launch the site's latest feature: Readers Journal Essays contributed by readers like you.

I owe the inspiration and concept to erudite reader Protagoras, who anticipated the high quality and wide variety of reader commentaries and essays which have already sprouted over on the Readers Journal. Just click on the "Readers Journal" logo to your right to enter the Journal's main page. From there, you can access the week's commentaries (shorter, informal comments) and the first essays.

I invite you to submit either format of commentary, with the request that you avoid the sort of rude attack-language which degrades the public discourse, and any cut-and-paste of work printed elsewhere. Partisan politics and pornography (is that a redundancy?) are well-covered elsewhere on the Web so there's no point in wasting mindshare on those topics--though political analysis is welcome.

What we all value, I think, is original content based on readers' own experiences, observations and thinking. Please note that while this site tends to be analytic and idea-heavy, it is also about levity, parody, garish good fun and even complete foolishness (see "Kroika! Chronicles" in the Archives), not to mention travel and multicultural experiences.

I will do my best, within the constraints of my available time, to offer you both a venue for your own writing, and a variety of thoughtful and entertaining work by other readers.

For data-hounds, here are a few site stats:
Unique visitors visits per month
June 2005: 1,402 1,856
June 2006: 13,545 33,480
April 2007: 25,175 59,780

I have no idea how this stacks up in the blogosphere, but it certainly isn't the millions garnered by Binky the Attack Pundit or Baldy the Treacherous Rabid Stock Pimp or even Pouty Girlz 24/7 Dorm Room Webcam. But somebody's stopping by, and I greatly appreciate your referrals and readership.

To see the Journal, go to my main site at

Thank you TG. N. ($20) for your very unexpected and thoughtful donation. I am greatly honored by your support. All contributors are listed below in acknowledgement of my gratitude.

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