Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Luckily, There's Delusionol (TM)

There's a new drug ad hitting the mass market--maybe you've seen it. This Delusionol (TM) ad is remarkably straightforward for a psychotropic drug ad, but of course I had to dig around to find the full side-effects, which include heightened risk of financial suicide, debt-bloating, nausea due to bankruptcy and HELOC-shock (the realization there's no more home equity to borrow).

The most pernicious downside of Delusionol (TM), though, is that it only lasts 3 to 4 months, six months maximum. Since Delusionol (TM) became the drug of choice in the Fed and Treasury in mid-January, that means the drug-induced scales of foolish optimism will fall from our financial leaders' eyes by June 15, no matter how many handfuls of Delusionol (TM) they gulp down.
Financial 'cold turkey' will be very unpleasant--for the Fed, the Treasury, the nation and the global financial markets. But until then, slam down a couple Delusionols (TM) and enjoy the market rally and the "bottom" in housing.

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