Saturday, January 12, 2008

Introducing Whine Magazine

Every time I read about the big bucks other sites are pulling in from advertising, I get jealous. Why am I so stupid? Who cares whether there's ads here or not? Why bother with dumb "ideals" when I could be pulling in thousands a month?

Then I drop all scruples, honor and my most closely held values and accept a big fat ad. So please welcome our big-bucks sponsor, "Whine" magazine.

NOTE: contributions are humbly acknowledged in the order received.

Thank you, Tanya Z. ($50), for your very generous and much-appreciated donation in support of this humble site. I am greatly honored by your contribution and readership. All contributors are listed below in acknowledgement of my gratitude.

Been thinking of contributing, but don't think your few bucks would matter? Hey, it's just you and me here; we don't have any big-bucks advertisers or sponsors. Believe me, it matters; you are it. Without your support, this thing's a tumbleweed blowing aimlessly along in the zephyrs of the Web.

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