Thursday, March 27, 2008

That Letter From the IRS--Please Read It Carefully

You received a letter from the IRS recently, describing the "Economic Stimulus Payment" you will be getting from the IRS in May or June. You probably tossed it without even reading it--but really, you should read it carefully. It is an amazing document.

I reprint it here below for you to read and ponder.

Economic Stimulus Payment Notice

Dear Taxpayer:

We are pleased to inform you that the United States Congress passed and President George W. Bush signed into law the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, which provides for economic stimulus payments to be made to over 130 million American households. Under the new law, you may be entitled to a payment of up to $600 ($1,200 if filing a joint return), plus additional amounts for each qualifying child.

We are less pleased to inform you that the $160 billion cost of this giveaway is being borrowed in its entirety from Gulf oil exporting nations, Asian banks and African oil kleptocracies. We are even less pleased to inform you that once interest on this stupendous new debt is included, this giveaway will cost your children $320 billion.

We are downright pissed to inform you that this $320 billion roughly equals the tax receipts that should have been collected this year from fellow Americans, the vast majority of whom are extremely wealthy, who made use of questionable tax shelters and outright lies to avoid paying their share of Federal taxes.

You do realize, dear Taxpayer, that we get that $320 billion anyway from wage earners and legitimate small business owners like you. So every American tax cheat is taking money directly from your pocket.

As you know, the IRS has been demonized for decades, and we are ecstatic to inform you that we don't spend all your tax money--Congress does that--nor do we make the arcane, idiotic, loophole-ridden tax codes. Congress does that, not the IRS. We're not rewarding our fat-cat donors and special interest buddies with special tax breaks--Congress does that.

So when you pay your taxes this year, or look at your paystub, think about all those millionaires sipping drinks on their yachts who cheated you by not paying their share of taxes, and be sure to thank Congress for protecting and enabling their tax-cheat pals.

We are deeply annoyed to inform you that though the Mainstream Media constantly reports that high-income Americans pay most of the Federal taxes, they fail to mention that these are wage-earners and legitimate entrepreneurs much like you. The real tax cheats operate at a much higher level--the level of Enron, offshore holding companies, and Bear Stearns/investment bankers tax breaks and loopholes.

We are equally furious to inform you that other American millionaires are cheating you daily by hiring illegal employees and paying them cash, and then pocketing the profits without paying taxes. Meanwhile, their legitimate competitors are paying legal workers' taxes and income taxes. So next time you support a black-market business whose employees are all cash-paid illegals, think about all those "savings" you're getting while the business owner reaches into your pocket and makes you pay his share of taxes. Maybe you'll wise up and stop hiring tax cheats to mow your lawn and re-roof your house.

And when the Hollywood types hire an entire house of illegal aliens to serve them, they're stealing from you, too, because they don't pay any Social Security taxes on those illegals, and the illegals don't pay any taxes, either--though you're paying for their medical care and their kids' education, etc.

Thanks to Congress and the President, our investigative branch--yes, the guys and gals who are tasked with saving you money by locating and nailing the hundreds of thousands of tax cheats and liars who are robbing you of $320 billion a year, you who have no way to really cheat on your taxes--anyway, Congress and the President have gutted our ability to find and collect from tax cheats.

Their propaganda machine has convinced you that we, public servants who merely do their bidding, are the enemy, when in fact it is Congress and the Executive branch who are robbing you, enriching their wealthy buddies and allowing tax cheats to prosper by stripping our investigative budgets.

You see, dear Taxpayer, the Hollywood types and Enron/Bear Stearns types are their close pals, the ones who feed them millions in donations. You are merely fodder, cleverly herded peasants who can't worm your way out of paying taxes. So Congress and the President make you pay the taxes their pals should pay, and then blame the IRS as if we wrote the laws and mis-spent all your hard-earned money.

So when you get your miserable $600 check, and wonder which credit card to pay down, think about the Hollywood mansions with their illegals and the Wall Street and big-bucks types hiding their immense wealth behind tax shelters specifically written to protect them, and think about all the tax cheats who are laughing at you while their factory and slaughterhouse is filled with illegals they pay nothing to hire, while you pay for the illegals' medical care and education.

And remember that all the investigative branches of government except the Intelligence agencies have been gutted. When that millionaire's employees are discovered to be illegals paying no taxes, and that he's paid zero taxes on them, too, then he gets a wrist slap. He just got unlucky. Think about it, dear Taxpayer--why is there no real effort to nail the employers who are actually to blame for the illegal worker's presence in the U.S.? Because Congresspeople who like to pontificate about illegals have insured that the investigative agencies tasked with rooting and and nailing the employers have been gutted, and the fines reduced to pinpricks.

We are very miffed to inform you that you have bought the propaganda hook, line and sinker. You foolishly blame the illegals rather than those who hire them illegally, and profit immensely from doing so, and you blame us rather than the kleptocracy in Congress and the White House.

So go ahead and blame us, the IRS, even though Congress has tied our hands behind our bags and sucker-punched us, so we can't possibly catch their tax cheat buddies and pals. Think about the $320 billion your kids will be paying in interest to African dictators and Communist-owned banks for decades to come. And then think about how effectively you've absorbed the propaganda that we're your enemy, when your real enemies are sitting in Congress and the White House, collecting millions from their grateful tax-cheat buddies.

For additional information on this sickening travesty of a mockery of a sham of a borrowed giveaway to the dumb peasantry who pay the taxes so wealthy tax-cheats don't have to, please visit the IRS website as

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