Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Reader Haiku

My wishes came true and readers responded with some wonderful haiku:
(in order received)

Mike S.

I am out of touch
Celeb gossip is now news
How long will we sleep?

Don E.

unwinding we come
spinning leaves from trees to drop
swallows returning

Sherry P.

Extinguish Bear Stearns
the summer heat now portends
lasting winter burns

And by way of humble gratitude, I offer this:

Out of nothingness
readers create new beauty
Haiku gods smile

Thank you, Bob K. ($20), for your kind and generous support of this humble site. I am greatly honored by your donation and by your readership. All contributors are listed below in acknowledgement of my gratitude.

NOTE: I will be away from my desk through Tuesday so email response time will be delayed --thank you for your patience! I am reading all email at night but unable to respond until Wednesday.

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