Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Sexploitation Foray: Bare Naked Breasts Galore!

It's widely assumed that sex sells. Let's test that received wisdom.

Let's stipulate that there's nothing prurient about clicking on links that display the bare breasts of celebrities. It's practically necessary to view the celebrity breasts, just so you're informed enough not to feel left out of water cooler chatter on the topic.

Let's also stipulate that there's nothing prurient about clicking on links that display the bare breasts of non-celebrities. It's a perfectly natural curiosity, after all, that leads us to click on links announcing Bare Naked Breasts Galore! Furthermore, a lively interest in sex is a sign of a healthy libido.

And besides--we're all consenting adults--(or teens who clicked "I verify that I'm 18 years of age or older"). What we choose to look at in our spare time is our business, and only our business.

Why should we feel guilty about the pleasures of Bare Naked Breasts Galore? Why everyone in the U.S. makes such a big deal about bare breasts is altogether peculiar, given that TV adverts in many European countries sport youthful, vivacious females sans blouses.

And while we're on the subject--if you don't want anyone to see your bare breasts, perhaps you shouldn't take a selfie of your bared breasts and post it on the cloud or a server that's just begging to be hacked.

In other words, if you take a selfie of your bare naked breasts, than aren't you implicitly asking everyone to view your physical endowments?

There's something a wee bit hypocritical about taking risque selfies of your bared breasts, posting them somewhere on the cloud or Web and then feigning outrage that somebody poking around the cloud or web happens upon your photos that beg please post me publicly.

Of course the editorial board here at Of Two Minds has high artistic and cultural values. We wouldn't lower ourselves to post just any Bare Naked Breasts Galore. We have selected a very tasteful set of Bare Naked Breasts Galore for your refined, artistic enjoyment of the human body's delightful curves and nuances.

Did I hear just show us the bare breasts already?. OK, I promised you Bare Naked Breasts Galore, and here they are:

Cue the cool jazz...

At last--yes--bare--naked--breasts--galore--

OK, so these are 60-year old male breasts, but they are bare and naked, so you got precisely what was advertised. Here are the vital statistics of our model:

Name: Charles Hugh Smth
age: 60
weight: 170 pounds (77 kilos)
BMI (body mass index): 21.8
waist: 32 inches

So why not toss the model a few bucks to support his writing? He's clearly at the top of his game.

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